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How to adjust slidespeed

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    2014-04-11 at 5:49 pm #3802

    Dear MAQK,

    In one page (not the homepage) i want to insert a slider, in this case the ei-slider.
    Everything works except the slides change very fast and so do the animations.
    I opened the ei-slider.php file and adjusted to the following values:

    $eis_slidelimit = get_option(‘atp_eislidelimit’) ? get_option(‘atp_eislidelimit’) : ‘6’;
    $eis_titleanimation = get_option(‘atp_titleanimation’) ? get_option(‘atp_titleanimation’) : ‘easeOutExpo’;
    $eis_titlespeed = get_option(‘atp_titlespeed’) ? get_option(‘atp_titlespeed’) : ‘2000’;
    $eis_slideanimation = get_option(‘atp_slideanimation’) ? get_option(‘atp_slideanimation’) : ‘easeOutExpo’;
    $eis_slidedspeed = get_option(‘atp_speed’) ? get_option(‘atp_speed’) : ‘10000’;
    $eis_autoplay = get_option(‘atp_autoplay’) ? get_option(‘atp_autoplay’) : ‘false’;
    $eis_slideinterval = get_option(‘atp_interval’) ? get_option(‘atp_interval’) :’10000′;

    after that nothing has changed and it still changes slides instantly almost.
    Then i added “” marks to the following:
    animation : “center”,
    easing : “‘.$eis_slideanimation.'”,
    titleeasing : “‘.$eis_titleanimation.'”,
    titlespeed : ‘.$eis_titlespeed.’,
    speed : ‘.$eis_slidedspeed.’ ,
    slideshow_interval : ‘.$eis_slideinterval.’,
    autoplay : ‘.$eis_autoplay.’

    now the text comes in as it should but still the slides change way faster than the 10000ms.
    What am i doing wrong??

    You can see the page at


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