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Delay to run the audio (HTTP Request returns Status Code 200 instead of 206)

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    2021-10-18 at 3:28 pm #28469

    Hello guys!
    I’ve already asked for support via Skype (unsuccessful) but I’ll leave my observation here.

    To summarize the problem:: Previously (MusicPlay version 4.2) the theme played the songs instantly, even before the audio was completely downloaded (which made the player super agile).
    In the most modern versions (including the current one) the player downloads the entire audio file and only then starts playing the song. (not good, especially if the audio is long or the client’s internet connection is slow.)

    Digging deeper: I looked at all the settings on my server, I ran several tests with the old themes and the new one on the same server and the only difference I found was the following.

    HTTPRange (partial download)

    Essentially, if you use the “Developer Tools” function in Google Chrome, we can see that in the old theme or even a concurrent theme, when playing an audio, the HTTP request returns a status code of 206 (This is a partial request. Images below)

    The newest version of the theme makes an HTTP request that returns the status code 200 (a normal request) which downloads the entire file and only then plays the audio. (Image below)
    Screenshot from

    Once the audio has already played, and you want to listen to it again. The theme loads it from the local cache, then with the correct request “206”. (Image below)

    So, as you can see, I’ve been using the theme since version 4 and it was really good for me. But I would like to be able to update my theme as I already have several internal conflicts on the server for still using version 4.2.

    Hope you can fix this one day or even in a future version of the theme.

    I’m not a professional programmer but I believe the answer or at least the beginning of it is here:

    Thanks for the Theme, it’s awesome!

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