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Request – New Features In Player

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    March 16, 2017 at 10:48 pm #19624


    I’m not sure if you could do this as a custom job or if you could update the player,
    Here’s a few ideas I am having about the player,

    For me the player looks kind of bare, there’s not a lot happening there,


    It would be nice if there was a graphic eq in the player left or right, that interacts with the music, would make it look a bit more digital, realistic.

    I’m using MusicPlay theme as a shoutcast stream directory,

    On the right sidebar I use the djmix shortcode to display a list of shoutcast streams randomly. On the front page I use the album list view to display all my streams.

    So the sidebar has a play button for each stream, and the front page album displays
    all streams with a play button each,

    What I’d like to do if possible, is make the sidebar play buttons and the album view
    play buttons interact with the player, just like you did with that player option
    to set a single stream in the player by default.

    So basically no matter which play button the user clicks on around the website, the player would display shoutcast now playing info for which ever stream you clicked on.

    I don’t know how you would achieve this, maybe you could add an extra section to each djmix and album list view? something that fetches the shoutcast info and then puts it into the player.

    I noticed a problem in the theme using it the way I am…
    The default stream that loads displays two lines of text (shoutcast now playing info) the title and the description lines. Now the problem is, if you click on any of the djmix play buttons on my site in the sidebar, it will only show one line of text, the same happens if you click on any of the album view play buttons, only one line of text, and none of it is shoutcast now playing info, I’d like to fix that if possible.

    Also if we could have each stream pull artist or song image from itunes or
    Not exactly sure how that’s done but any of those would work great for my radio site.

    Thanks in advance.

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