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Styling issues

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    2015-05-27 at 8:55 pm #8005

    Well, I was having a multitude of issues styling this theme. Then I installed one demo content documents (widgets) and it entirely wiped out the 4 pages (including 50+ menu items) I’d spent 4 hours adding.

    First of all, if I had realized that the entire site was built using this ridiculous Layers framework, I would not have bought this theme because I am on a tight schedule and figuring out the quirks is taking way too long.

    Prior to even installing that widget content, I was having major problems with this theme.

    My main issues are:

    -body font does not respond to changes (will not accept any Google font families or size adjustments)
    -header is not responding to changes through Customizer (re: layout) and the menu/nav items are stacked, not in a horizontal line
    -content section titles will not respond to centering
    -the header logo is displaying at 8×7 px!!!
    -the footer is appearing with the 3 widgets floating left and taking up half the page, instead of centering all 3 blocks

    I would really like 4 hours of my life back, but I’ll settle for my money back.

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