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Item Support

What is item support?

Item support is a service from the author who promises to be available to help you, as a buyer iron-out potential issues that you might have about their supported items.

Item support includes:

  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item’s features
  • Updates and bug fixes
  • Help with included 3rd party assets

However, item support does not include:

  • No Customization of the item
  • No Installation of the item

What If I don’t get a response after posting in the articles as suggested?

Due to the nature of support questions asked over and over again instead of searching in existing posts. Our staff will still try to help you out but we may miss your article if the article shows that its resolved. Kindly please do not set the post as resolved or if its already resolved article then either post a new article or change its status to In ‘Not Resolved‘ or ‘In Progress‘. Please allow us 24-48 hours of time to get back to you as we may experience huge support questions sometimes which may results to a bit slow support responses.

Be patient when getting your issues or queries resolved. Sometimes for a small issues you will get arrogant or irritated and your frustration level goes up. We strongly believe in that its 100% true and as said by George Eliot “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Don’t judge too quickly that the theme or item is not working or author is not responding. If you don’t find us responding to your questions on this forum or your posted article. Please make a quick call on our Skype ID: support-aws so that one of our Skype Team will help you out resolving your issues as soon as possible.

Once again thank you for taking out time to read this support policy and general questions.

18 Responses to Item Support

  1. alminma says:

    I have implemented this theme in my existing website. And i have configured everything i have an issue that ajax not working properly. Please check this url.

  2. ColossalRecords says:

    How do I create a app id?

  3. bichicantropus says:

    Hi friends,

    I’d like to update WordPress vesion in my site. I’ve bought Music Play theme, and I’d like also to know what is the last tested WordPress version for Music Play right and full performance. If that is 4.2, please could you tell me third number of version? Is it 4.2.4? Any other earlier? What about 4.3?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Bests regards.

  4. rfortaleza says:

    I am having issues with the audio to play on any browser other than Safari and also not playing on mobile devices. I am playing a stream and the stream plays wells and also works on tune-in.

  5. krossi says:

    Hi there,
    I have CarZone and need to change the ‘Method of Contact’ on the booking page to the specific locations. You can see exactly what I need to do here:

    Everything looks good on the front end, but when it sends the emails, it still says ‘sms, mail, or phone’ I need it to say whatever the location is that they chose.

    Can you please direct me to the right area.

  6. vcarr5263 says:

    I am attempting to import the demo content for Anona, but the sample pages will not import…. Please help!

  7. rhazelrigg says:

    I was wondering if there is a way to temporarily hide the mobile menu or turn it off

  8. mdfnet says:

    Hi there,
    I have a conflict between players. I have the radio streaming playing in the sticky bar, when I go to an album I choose one song to play and the radio stops and the postcast start playing, everything great BUT if I want to listen again the radio
    1- I cannot stop the music unless I doubleckick the play/pause button of the sticky bar
    2- The icon of the song that I’ve choosen keep showing “playing” state

    is there a way to change return to the radio streaming if i click the pause button inof the song or something like that?

  9. GmphOne says:

    I have carzone and when I try and install it it keeps telling me its missing a style.css ???? can you help me with this

  10. farki says:

    Help! can’t install Aivah Shortcodes plugin
    Plugin not activated. A higher version of Aivah Shortcodes is needed for this theme. Please update the plugin.

    • Fem says:

      Kindly please post your question in the relevant theme category and then we will take a closer look at it and help you out.

  11. mattiaAVGr0up says:

    Hi, I recently bought a theme from your website (
    When i’ve installed it on my wordpress it seems to not work and say it’s missing the Aivah Shortcodes plugin. i tried to install it without success.
    What’s happening? i have not yet uploaded the website so i send you some screenshots.
    thanks for your time


    Schermata 2015-11-13 alle 12.53.05.png
    Schermata 2015-11-13 alle 12.55.55.png