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V6.0.0 breaks child theme player (SoundCloud)

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    October 24, 2016 at 3:45 pm #17304


    There are some changes made on the player (JavaScript), coming with the 6.0.0 version of MusicPlay.

    When I install the 6.0.0 version of MusicPlay (and copy the last changes from musicplay-child into my own custom child theme), the player is not working anymore, at least with SoundCloud API.

    Uncaught TypeError: SC.resolve is not a function, from jquery.fullwidthaudioplayer.js (line 4103).

    Not sure if the SoundCloud API has changed or if the cause comes from the jquery plugin, but could you please update the given scripts to work with SoundCloud API again?

    One possible cause could be that the SoundCloud SDK defined in the MusicPlay 6.0.0 theme (framework/common/head line 71, “//”) and the one defined in the musicplay-child theme (“//”) are not the same…

    When I try to use the 3-1-2.js SoundCloud SDK, the JS error does not appear anymore ;
    But I have another error : the player itself is not shown anymore… Which triggers a JavaScript error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'removeClass' of undefined (jquery.fullwidthaudioplayer.js line 487)

    Could you please update the musicplay-child theme and make sure it works with SoundCloud?

    Also, another point I have, is that the SoundCloud API key is hardcoded in the fullwidthaudioplayer.js file…
    I would prefer to have an option in the WP admin section to set this key.
    Could you make it possible aswell?

    Thanks in advance, this is quite urgent (at least for the first problem, the API-key point is less urgent).

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