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Primary menu linking having now issue

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    January 15, 2014 at 10:43 pm #2277


    I have a new issue with the primary menu links – they now “relaunch” when used..

    Story ?

    since the beginning I work on “” and I redirect the whole thing on “

    Doing this, I had two minor issues : First one -> I couldn’t use the “admin shortcuts” at the bottom of the footer, nor can I access the WordPress dashboard section.

    But if it is just an issue for me, I don’t mind.

    Second problem problem was that users couldn’t use the Testimonial Widget. In the “” link, it just wouldn’t launch.

    Solution : all this works fine if you navigate through “” ! It just won’t if you ue the redirected domain name “”.

    I did resolve the problem this way one hour ago : In the WordPress general options, it asks you the link for the wordpress directory, AND the site link you want ! (I just discovered that)

    What did I do now ? : both links where using my WordPress directory link : “”.

    I changed now only the “site link”, becoming “” domain name.

    Result ?

    Testimonials now works fine ! And can be used in through the “” page !

    Accessing the Admin//dashboard still is a problem (I am force to “open in a new link” but again, minor issue I gues if it is just for me)

    BUT now, having doing this : have a whole new issue : when you use the “primary links” at the top of the pages…every page just ‘reload’ ! Cutting music, relaunching the whole new page, etc..

    I am getting crazy 🙂

    I am pretty sure it could be a minor tweak but I begin to feel a bit lost..

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