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Multiple problems

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    January 9, 2014 at 7:33 am #2011

    Hey guys, I have some problems with the theme. The link for the website is . Here are my problems:
    1 – On the main page, under the Recent Releases tab, how can I take down those existing 3 and add my own ones ? For example, I would like to add this one instead of “Moving sound”;
    2 – There is a bug with Google Chrome, I’ve asked two of my friends to check it out, both of them have the same problem. If I go for example on and I hover the mouse over the button “Go to Beatport”, all texts disappears, why is that ?
    3 – Again a bug with Google Chrome, the sticky bar appears and dissapears by its own, while on Mozilla Firefox it works properly
    4 – One more bug in Chrome – most of the times I have problems with the background image, it either goes all black, or just the header …
    5 – How can I change the delay time for the testimonials on the home page ? They slide too fast and you cant read all the text.

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