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Appointment emails not coming through

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    May 6, 2015 at 11:06 am #7801


    1) When I put my Google business gmail account in the LifeCare -> options -> emails set-up, I do not get any appointment emails. When I use my personal email account I get emails coming through. I talked with Google and they stated that their business gmail accounts have an extra tier of protection. Here is their advice to modify the SMTP settings for your servers

    “As we discussed over the phone, please contact the developer for this WordPress them and ask if there is any chance for you to modify the SMTP settings for the contact form. All information related to the SMTP settings for Google Apps accounts at “.

    They advised to use either


    These came from the link above. Can you help me with this? That was Googles advice to modify the SMTP settings.

    2) The testimonial scroll speed does not seem to work on the LifeCare -> General -> Testimonial Fade Speed. I have been told by numerous clients that my testimonials go to fast and they cannot read them. When I put a large number (i.e. 8000) vs a small number (i.e. 1000) there is no difference in the testimonial speed. Yes, I have changed the number saved it and refreshed the webpage and no difference.

    3) On the appointment page, the date of birth only goes back one month at a time. Is there any way to go back more than one month at a time? A client brought this to my attention. I am 40 years old, that is 480 clicks to get to my date of birth!!

    4) Is it possible to see a calendar of my appointments?

    Sorry guys, but it says that you should be online at this time but I do not see you on Skype.
    Thank you very much. I really like your theme!

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