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Adding Artist and Album Categories to Menu

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    June 28, 2014 at 10:03 am #4492

    Hello! New user of MusicPlay, less than a week, love the theme so far. Also brand new to WordPress after 5 years of building and maintaining Joomla sites, and I’m having trouble wrapping my head around some items.

    My questions are probably pretty basic and simple, but haven’t found them answered by searching the forum here or in the one documentation file for this theme (and how to use the Artist and Album stuff was some of the main info I hoped would be in the documentation, as they are specific concepts to this type of theme as far as I can tell – that would have been really useful, something to consider). Anyway:

    1) Are Artists and Albums treated as blog posts?
    That’s what they seem like with using categories, trying to understand the setup here.

    2) What is the best practice for setting up Categories for both Artists and Albums?
    I have 4 categories of music that actually apply to both and have created these same 4 categories under both Artist Categories and Album Categories.

    3) How do I add these 4 Categories to the primary menu under Artists and Albums (like the Audio Archive and Album Genre pages shown in the demo site)?
    Doesn’t seem as obvious as adding Pages or general Categories from the Appearance/Menu page (and Artist and Album categories don’t show up there to choose from for the Menu). Or maybe those are not generated from Categories and I’m confusing the setup here – looking to make subpages of Albums and Artists like in the demo site.

    Probably something simple that I’m missing here (like my understanding of how best to use shortcodes, which is a totally new concept to me). Sorry for the long write-up and thanks for any help!

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